Simple, at-home testing can help you get to the root cause of your debilitating symptoms. No need to guess what supplements or protocols may be best for you! Comprehensive functional testing provides clarity, confidence and (most importantly) ANSWERS.


Once you purchase your HTMA, you can expect to receive an email with a link to a nutritional assessment. Once you complete & submit your assessment, your test kit will be mailed out to you. Delivery takes ~5-7 business days.


When your kit is shipped, you'll get an email with instructions on how to take & submit your sample. A series of emails will follow in the ~2 weeks after submission with action steps and easy tips to begin your healing journey while we wait for your results!


Results should be in ~2 weeks after mailing your sample to the lab! You'll get an email when your results are in with a full breakdown of what your results ACTUALLY mean, with a personalized protocol based on your unique deficiencies and needs.


HTMA is the most affordable functional test on the market, but it comes with a huge payoff in terms of the the answers it gives you. Upon submitting a sample of your hair, you'll learn the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals your body is being exposed to and eliminating. Results will help you pinpoint areas which need to be brought back into balance to eliminate your current symptoms & fast track results!




Will functional testing diagnose me with any conditions?

Conventional diagnostic testing (such as blood work through your primary physician) looks mostly at the presence of disease markers. On the other hand, functional testing takes a more holistic approach to identify any dysfunction in the body and actually approach the root cause, rather than the symptom itself. These tests will not diagnose you with any conditions; rather, they will get to the root of any existing imbalances and/or stressors on the body to approach healing from a place of what you can add in rather than what you should be *removing* (which, in my personal experience as well as with clients, is much more sustainable, anyway 😉).

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are not currently available. However, if you choose to checkout through Paypal, "pay later" options are available through this third-party service.

Is ongoing support available?

Once your HTMA sample is reviewed by the lab, you'll receive results with a full breakdown of what your levels actually mean. This will include a PDF as well as an audio recording explaining your results, together with a personalized protocol based on your results. This will give you some guidance in balancing your levels over time.

Note, this test kit does not include one on one "face time" or video calls. You will, however, receive a comprehensive plan that should cover the majority of your questions.

If you're looking for more guidance, you have the option to add on one of the following at your discretion at any time after receiving your results:

  • A one-time 30 minute follow up consultation to discuss results or answer any clarifying questions (+$77 USD)
  • A 3-month coaching package for complete guidance through a complete, customizable hormone and mineral balancing protocol (+$199/month, including the cost of a retest in month 3)
Do you accept insurance?

At this time, we cannot directly accept insurance as we are not in-network with any providers. We can, however, directly accept HSA and FSA payment for full coverage!

What is your refund policy?

Due to the intimate nature of functional testing, no refunds will be made after tests kits are shipped. You have 24 hours after purchasing to cancel your order before shipping occurs by emailing support@hormonereboot.com.

How does functional testing work with my primary healthcare?

Functional testing and/or 1:1 health coaching does not and cannot attempt to replace primary healthcare. However, regularly meeting with a primary physician is always encouraged. Primary healthcare tends to be reactive, while functional testing and/or health coaching is proactive and seeks to support the doctor-patient relationship.


DISCLAIMER: Functional Testing does not intend to diagnose or to take the place of primary healthcare. All results are for informational and educational purposes ONLY.